Noga Engineering Ltd

Established in 1980, NOGA currently exports a full 98 percent of its overall sales to customers in 45 countries worldwide. On Line quality control conforms to ISO9001 and 14000.

Noga Deburring system is proud to produce the most comprehensive and versatile program of hand Deburring tools. Noga Deburring program consists of a cutting blade poisoned in a suitable handle.

Noga Deburring System is the best solutions for removing/deflashing burrs from different type of materials such as steel aluminum and plastic or applications such as deburring edges in holes, for deburring inside break of cross holes and for removing burrs from sharp corners on external surfaces.

The most popular Deburring system type is the swivel-blade type. These Deburring tools consist of a cutting blade that swivels free in the handle or the blade are held in telescoping blade holder which fits into a handle.

Each modern factory plant that is manufacturing (metal, aluminum or plastic) parts, you will find big facilities automatic machines, and also in an adjacent room you will see workers checking and inspecting every part that produced from these machines, removing burrs, which had shown during the manufacturing process. For this reason (finish touch operation) Noga is producing a complete range of Deburring system which includes many types and different configurations, so as to enable reaching each point place or location where a burr must be removed.

Noga Deburring system offering a few types of handles and blades that are made of H.S.S(high speed steel) , solid tungsten carbide or Tin coated Cobalt high speed steel.

Noga Deburring system has produced unique special tools that have two non swiveling cutting edges. These tools were made for Deburring O-ring grooves, internal threads or deburring simultaneously both sides of sheet material.

Noga Deburring system offers some deburring tools with new ceramic blades. These tools ideal for all plastic and soft metal materials. Ideal for parting line flashing, scraping, for removing burrs on both sides of sheet material and for external sharp edges.


Noga Holding System is offered and used in many industrial applications. Also in private life it is often used to hold certain objects in a particular position.

Noga Holding System offers in the precision and mechanical industries two different systems for holding the dial indicators and for lever type test indicators in their required position:

Noga Holding System offers the conventional two-arm system. A vertical column is connected to a horizontal arm by a swivel clamp, which let /allows you to tighten in any position you wish to have. An indicator can be adjustably fastened to the outer end of the arm.

For most freedom and flexibility of fine adjustments, Noga Holding System makes the flexible/Articulated Holders, the main part if which are two holders/arms connected by a swivel clamp. a ball-and socket assembly is attached.
to the outer end of each arm.

On Holding System, the ball on the bottom is fitting onto a base, and a swivel clamp is attached to the top ball.

Center ad bottom swivels are automatically are locked in position by tightening a single screw.

The most common base on the Noga Holders is a magnet. The magnetic force can be switched on-and-off. When no ferrous surface is available you may use clamps or vacuum bases can form the base.

On the top ball, a swivel indicator holder is placed and able to will hold indicators of any stem diameters, dovetail or others.

Also fine adjusting mechanism is attached on the top end of the arms, or on the base of Noga Holding System.

Noga Holding System arms was made for mechanical applications and have proved to be advantageous in other fields, such as scientific apparatus, medical instruments photography and many more.

Noga line of cooling systems is popular and used in all metalworking operations, friction occur between the work piece and tool, producing tool wear and heat.
Noga cooling systems is introduced at the locations/points between the tool and the work piece In order to alleviate these harmful influences.

Noga cooling systems is producing 3 types/kinds of cooling systems:
1 ) NOGA MINI COOL – Spraying a stream of cold air mixed with small droplets of a coolant, towards the points of contact.
With this cooling systems/instrument, pressurized air flows through a Loc-Line flexible hose to a special nozzle. This nozzle is made to form a venture which
creates a mixture of cold air+ a fine spray of coolant, which is sucked up through a small tube inside the Loc-Line hose.
The nozzle is adjustable to control the amount of liquid spray delivered to work piece. The hose assembly sits on a valve which has two inlets, one for air and one for coolant. The air passes through a shut-off valve which also has an adjustment feature to regulate the air flow. The valve is connected to a “Popeye” magnet as the MINICOOL

2 ) NOGA COOL – Directing a flow of cooling systems to the contact point. Coolant is forced through a flexible hose to a Nozzle.
The Nuzzle can be directed to any requested position. The hose is connected to a manifold which is equipped with an inlet for the coolant.
Another outlet to which another hose may be connected and a shut-off valve. The base is in the form of a small, powerful “Popeye” on-off magnet, which can be attached to a machine where required.

3 ) NOGA COBRA – Shooting drops of a coolant-lubricant in a required direction.
The COBRA is used where no cooling systems effect is needed, but only lubrication. Drops of adjustable volume are shot against a work piece.
The COBRA is very useful, when small amounts of special lubricants must be applied.
The standard COBRA is connected to a NOGA modular articulated holder (DG60003), which is attached to a magnet (DG0036).
On top of the COBRA a small bowl is fitted, for the coolant. An air inlet is located at the end of the drop size adjusting micrometer screw.
Air is supplied through a special valve which can be actuated either by hand, or the valve may be fixed to a machine slide, to operate it when is needed.

Free Electricity From Magnets? Welcome To The Future!

Free power can been a dream of humanity since the dawn of civilization. Unfortunately, many people consider it to be an impossible dream. This is simply not true. Long before electrical generators and internal combustion engines, humanity harnessed free, abundant natural energy to power their machines. During the Renaissance, sailors crossed oceans and explored new continents in ships powered by nothing but the wind. Windmills go back to the Middle Ages, and waterwheels date back to the Roman Empire.

In the last century or two, however, civilization has become dependent on limited fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas to generate electricity. As these resources slowly run out (in turn driving up the price), humanity once again is turning back to natural energies for cheap or free power. This time, however, our technology is more advanced, and we can turn natural energy into cheap or free electricity. We are also able to tap, for the first time, natural forces that our ancestors couldn’t even imagine, much less harness, to generate free electricity.

Magnetic Power Generators

Most of us are familiar with the renewable free power technologies of solar cells, wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, and geothermal heat pumps. We can add to that list a new type of free power from natural forces: the magnetic power generator. These generators have many benefits:

Provides a steady, constant flow of free electricity
Environmentally safe – no gas or chemical emissions
Operates in extreme cold and extreme heat, indoors and outdoors
Small and inexpensive to build with materials easily found anywhere
Requires little maintenance

How Does It Work?

At its core level, a magnetic generator creates electricity the same way any electrical turbine does. An iron rotor, wrapped in copper wire, spinning in a magnetic field, generated a steady, constant flow of electrons. The difference is that instead of using fossil fuel energy to turn the rotor, this generator uses magnets.

If you were paying attention in high school science class, then you may remember that some magnets have a polarity (either north or south). Magnets of the same polarity will attract each other, but magnets of opposite polarity will repel each other. If you try to push them together, it takes a great effort to do it (assuming you can do it all).

In a magnetic power generator, the magnetic field the rotor spins in comprised of magnets of opposite polarity. The push-and-pull of the opposite magnets keeps the rotor turning, generating free electricity that is stored in batteries.

Air drag and friction will eventually slow down the spinning rotor, but once its rotational speed drops below a certain point, an electric motor kicks in to get the rotor’s speed back up. This electric motor, of course, runs off of the free electricity generated earlier and stored in the battery. In other words, a magnetic generator powers itself. Better yet, it generates five times as much free power as it uses.

There are websites where you can purchase your own magnetic power generator, but they are still rather expensive. On the other hand, they are relatively easy to build if you have the right tools and trade skills. Several websites on the internet sells plans and blueprints on how to build your own magnetic power generator. With a small financial investment and a few weeks of work in your garage, and you can build a machine that will provide you with free electricity to power your home.

How Does A Magnetic Speed Sensor Work

For centuries speed sensors have been used to determine the speed of moving objects. In fact, the very first primitive speed sensors were lengths of rope with a knots tied in them that were tossed over the sides of moving ships to determine how many “knots” the ship was traveling at. However; the advent of the motorized wheeled carriage created the need for a more advanced mechanical speed sensor, such as the type that used a gear and a cable to run a speedometer on an automobile.

A Technological Need

As time and technology progressed however, the need for other types of accurate speed sensors developed. This in turn led to the development of what is often referred to as the magnetic speed sensor. So how do they work? How can a magnet detect and transmit the speed of a moving object?

The Hall Effect

It is not just the magnet in a magnetic speed sensor that is used to determine speed but an electrical current that surrounds the magnet as well. There is a certain electrical phenomena called the “Hall effect” that is used to determine the speed of an object with a magnet.

An Electrical Current

In short, when an electrical current is ran near a magnet and the magnet detects ferrous metal such as iron or steel the electrical current is effected. This electrical effect can then be transmitted by wires to a speed gage where it can be displayed.

Gear Toothed Magnetic Sensor

Often a gear is used in conjunction with a magnetic speed sensor. As the gear spins or turns, each spline or tooth in it will be detected by the magnet as it passes and a corresponding electrical pulse is sent out. The faster the gear spins the faster the electrical pulses the sensor sends and thus a speed reading is made.

Class Reunions And Save The Date Magnets

Planning a Party? Save the Date Magnets for Class Reunions

Maybe you’ve attended a class reunion this summer. It’s fun to see and recognize your friends again. It might even be more fun if they don’t recognize you any more. When the graduation pictures are on display trying to guess who is who can be a challenge. In some cases it’s good to look the same and in some ways it’s not so good when you’re still wearing your hair the way you did when you were 18!

Have you been chosen to plan the next reunion?

The scariest part of attending this year’s reunion party is that you might be volunteered to be on the committee for the upcoming reunion in one or five or even ten years.

If that happens to you, Save the Date magnets can solve the stress without much worry or pain! Pay attention to the number of classmates who showed up at this year’s reunion. Notice who had the most pictures of their children or grandchildren. Who still looks like a cheerleader or quarterback? Who has celebrated the most marriages? Who has traveled the farthest? Who still has hair, or who doesn’t?

Turn the Save the Date magnet into a trivia contest.

Once you’ve collected enough little tidbits, then you can join the lucky volunteers who must plan the next reunion with you. Think about a few trivia questions that could be included on a Save the Date magnet. Or get permission from a classmate to use a graduation picture for a Save the Date guessing game. Let the magnets inform your classmates that the questions will be answered at the upcoming reunion.
Then make those missing classmates wish they had joined in on the fun. Can they guess who the mystery graduate is displayed on their magnet invitation? Do they wonder who does have hair or not?

The magnet can be stuck to their refrigerators for weeks, months or years. The date and the fun will be hard to resist and the classmates who organized the party will be the heroes! Let the next committee try to top your Save the Date magnet invitation.

Everlasting Magnet Motors – Diy – Cost-free Energy For You With Permanent Magnet Motors

Everlasting Magnet Motors – Diy – Cost-free Energy For You With Permanent Magnet Motors

Your Long Run Of Free Strength Is Now

Permanent magnet motors will be the wave of your foreseeable future, it truly is a wave which will make it possible for the “very little men and women” to finally achieve some independence sort their reliance on big enterprise and administration for his or her vitality wants. This technology, RIGHT AWAY, is inside of our grasp.

It is currently being expanded on at a continual fee, being refined and optimized in order that any considered one of us casual do-it-yourselfers can create and start producing our own personal electric power in tiny a lot more than a weekend, and a bit above $a hundred in fabric costs. Consider it or not, all of these parts are obtainable out of your native constructing offer, hardware, and vehicle areas keep.

I’m Tired Of Organization As Usual – Are You?

We’re all tired of staying held hostage by these large organizations and their “free of charge electricity” know-how suppression. Whenever a great cost-free power technologies like long lasting magnet motors hits the headlines, if it previously does, they both obtain it and suppress it, or kill away the inventor. Difficulty solved, LARGE organization as usual. Though we “the small folks” have no choice but to continue getting their customer.

What Are Everlasting Magnet Motors?

It truly is purely a generator that in effect makes use of the distinctive components of long term magnets, particularly, the attraction and repulsion attributes of magnets that generate a perpetual movement equipment (generator). In addition to these spinning perpetual motion long term magnet motors, copper coils are utilized to gather and crank out electricity.

Believe from the alternator with your car or truck. The drive belts on your own car or truck turn a pulley on your alternator assembly which in flip generates electrical power that maintains the cost as part of your battery and generates electricity to run the required components for typical vehicular travel.

Energy Your Property With Permanent Magnet Motors

The know-how exists right away for all of us to completely or partially ability our houses with this engineering. No matter if you desire to just substantially decrease your electric bill, or you’ve in mind to entirely go away from grid and cease staying a lifetime consumer to your utility organization. It’s really nearly you. Go off grid, create more substantial everlasting magnet motors, just lessen your bill, construct a smaller sized unit.

It Can Be In Our Fingers

We as citizens of this fantastic earth of ours maintain every one of the electrical power, regardless of nearly anything you could believe. The powers that be can only do to us what we let them to accomplish and at this position in time, we’ve all permitted completely an excessive amount of to get performed to us.

It’s up to us, you And I to decode regardless of whether or not we’re going to acquire the “bull with the horns” and gain spine some of our freedom and independence…permanent magnet motors is often a start off towards this stop, a small start, but you know the saying, “a journey of your thousand miles starts off having a single step”. Permit’s all consider that phase, a person at a time. Figure out extra about how you can assemble your own long term magnet motors by clicking beneath…

By: Trey Dacunto

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All About Magnet Jewellery

It’s easy to call at your youngster messing around with your magnets. A human body’s electromagnet anyway so if a single It’s easy to call at your youngster messing around with your magnets. A human body’s electromagnet anyway so if a single attempt to link both the opposite comes to an end of the two various magnets having an individual son in midsection then they absolutely may attach with each other creating a reaction. These kinds of magnets can be extremely worthwhile for everybody thus the magnet treatment. The capabilities that can come through the magnetic field support anyone to discharge out the strain of kind’s lifestyle. They’re also helpful in a great many other methods. The permanent magnet treatment carries a crucial method through which an individual might support himself or herself simply by making use of it frequently and they are your permanent magnetic jewellery. The actual permanent magnet jewelry provides proven like a great way of working in the actual magnetic remedy. The magnet diamond jewelry is useful throughout delivering the anguish beyond kinds body as there are magnets existing which responds to your body creating a retort in your body. For this reason the magnetic diamond jewelry when put in a certain portion on our bodies might help in reducing this. Your magnetic treatment professionals came on top of this concept regarding permanent magnet jewelry plus they are to become worn circular people places in which someone can be experiencing ache. Whenever this kind of permanent magnetic jewelry will be worn at this type of position where a person is possessing pain then it can help in decreasing the actual aches. You will find several types of magnetic necklaces who have are available in the market industry. Every Jewellery features its own benefits. You’ll find magnet earrings through which permanent magnetic treatment authorities have started out using this development. These types of jewelry are put on naturally inside hearing nevertheless they do not need just about any hole to wear this and hence they could be donned by simply males and females way too. Thus these kinds of diamond earrings are generally unisex and therefore there will’t be any problem for any person to utilize it. Next you can find magnetic bracelets and anklets which started in the market which will help throughout reducing this about those places. And also are usually diamond necklace which may have became a member of the queue in the permanent magnetic remedy professionals along with indicating like a excellent strategy. This particular permanent magnet necklaces features a fantastic demand on the market at the time they’ve been launched along with the desire can be growing day-to-day. Before acquiring the magnet jewelry, take care concerning the creativity since there can be a few producers that are creating copy variations of such merchandise and are selling all of them at a lower price lying to the particular simple consumers.

How To Become A Money Magnet

Becoming a money magnet is probably the hardest thing for a lot of people to accomplish. Sometimes deliberate creators have the ability to attract wonderful relationships, new houses, better friends, new jobs and improve their overall health but they struggle and strive with creating more money! Let me tell you right now that it is no harder for the universe to yield to you a car parking space than it is to yield a million dollars. If you have deliberately attracted anything before than I assure you that with the right practices you can not only become a money magnet but you can attract huge lump sums of cash. Commonly once we’ve heard about the Law of Attraction we set our intentions on working towards something we want. When you want something – you are putting out the vibration of not having it. Because wanting is in itself is lack of having something. So if you want more money you must see yourself as already in possession of already having the money. Simple. Right? As simple as this process sounds, that really is all of what you have to do! You must get yourself into a place of feeling as if you’re already in possession of the desired amount of money. As soon as you’ve lined up, the universe will yield to you exactly what you’re putting out. Do you want to know what you’re currently putting out to the universe right now? Open up your wallet. Check your bank balance. Look at the car you’re driving. If it’s not what you want to see, then you have more work to do. The universe will yield to you endless opportunities to bring you the money, the “how” is not your work, what is your work is to get into alignment with your desire. Have you ever heard of stories when multi-millionaires go bankrupt and lose their entire estate? Have you ever noticed how in most cases these individuals will bounce back and end up earning the same money if not more? Why is this? For long periods of time they have practiced having that money, they’ve got the wealth vibrations and are constantly putting them out. Even after they’ve lost their money, because they’ve practiced a certain way of thinking for so long, the money and opportunities find them once again. If you practice the feelings of having the money you desire for long enough then the universe will continue to open doors leading to the money you desire. Your work is to feel as if you’ve already come in possession of the wealth! Here are a couple of suggestions to help you stay in the right money consciousness. Value the money you have Every time you receive a paycheck, give thanks for the money that you have just received. Instead of brushing it off and thinking it as a measly amount of money, just be grateful that it is there at all. The penny test When you see a penny or nickel on the floor, stop to pick it up! Be thankful for even the smallest amounts of money that come into your experience. Also you can see this as a sign that money is starting to find its way into your experience. Remember, if you just ignore the penny then what vibration are you putting out to the universe? One of… “I don’t want the money”. As your subconscious begins to get the idea that money is important to, valuable to, and much appreciated by you, more will begin to show up. Stay aware of money coming in, and keep your mind in a receiving mode. Be sure to stop and appreciate each bit of money that comes your way. A very abundant future awaits you!

Become A Love Magnet

he odds are good that you have seen those people who seem to magically draw people to them. They always seem to have a date or someone who wants to date them. You’re not alone. Many people feel like everyone else is more successful in love than they are. It has less to do with physical appearance, your bank account, and being outgoing than you would think. It’s often more about using the positive energy in your life to fulfill every aspect of your life including the romantic element. You are probably wondering what all of this energy talk is all about. You have heard of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. It revolves around the concept of creating a space, your home, that encourages the flow of positive chi. It affects every aspect of your life in a good way if done correctly. This isn’t to say that every person with a successful love life uses Feng Shui, but it certainly won’t hurt to encourage some good vibes to come your way in the love department. After all, we all want to become a magnet for love. So how does one go about using Feng Shui to become a love magnet? The first step is pretty unexciting, but it does get better. You will need to focus on the bedroom since you are looking for romantic love. Cleaning the room from top to bottom is an essential step that can’t be overlooked. Just because no one gets into your closet or looks under the bed doesn’t mean you can ignore those areas. They are important too. Get rid of things you no longer use or need. They create a hindrance to the flow of good energy. While you are clearing things out that you don’t need, this is also a good time to get rid of any reminders of old flames. You don’t want that past energy infecting any future or current relationship. If you don’t want to throw them out at least get them out of the bedroom. Make space for your new love interest in the closet, leaving some hangers empty and clear out a drawer of the dresser. This will encourage the arrival of someone new. Now that all of the things left behind from your old love life is out of the room and you have a clean slate to start with, take a good hard look at your bed. With any kind of luck, your bed is no larger than a queen. A king sized bed is a hindrance to the natural intimacy that you are looking for. With the correct sized bed in place, you are well on your way to using Feng Shui to become a love magnet of huge proportions, or at least to the proportion that will find you a significant other. Consider the placement of the bed in the room as well. There should be room to walk on either side of it. If not, it isn’t very welcoming to a new lover and the positive energy will be less efficient at moving about the space. Still dealing with the bed, your choice of bedding is very important in regards to Feng Shui as well. Just like every book or article you have ever read about love and finding Mr. or Ms. Right says, your bedding should reflect your desire for intimacy and romance. Think about using satins, silks, or a high quality all cotton sheet set that invites touching and romance. Of equal importance, you should also look for a comforter that is soft and comfortable to lounge on. The color of your décor is vitally important as well. Without looking like a product of Hallmark, you can create a romantic look that still fits in with your personal style. If pink, white, and red aren’t your idea of good decorating colors, try using them as accents or in different tones, like salmon or coral. Make your bedroom a haven even when it is just you in it. Use plenty of throw pillows on the bed to create the perfect place for relaxation. The rest, and the new partner, are sure to follow soon with all of the positive energy you have created. Another thing to remember when you explore the new world of Feng Shui and becoming a love magnet is to pay attention to the photos you display in your bedroom. Keep pictures of the kids or other family members in another room. There isn’t anything sexy about children’s pictures or photos of dear old mom and dad. Place those in the living or family rooms. Instead display paintings and prints of happy couples or inviting scenery. It is important to always have artwork depicting two items. Feng Shui can help you turn into a love magnet in no time. Before you know it, you’ll be looking to this ancient practice to further enhance your new found relationship.

SEO And Magnet Content

Whenever you post any information to the net you are in effect acting as a publisher. Your goal as a publisher is to build a site that is interesting enough for people to want to visit again and again. A great site is like a book that people don’t want to put down. Keep in mind too that whatever appears on your site, whether it be a bunch of robotically written keyword paragraphs or revelatory well written articles about your product is going to represent you and your branding in the future. Ultimately you can think of your website as an entity that represents you. Your first job as a publisher, however is to make your site as smooth and functional as possible by giving it functionality, usability and a shopping cart and payment processing system that works. . Your site has to have the equivalent of a table of contents, pages as well as resources and appendixes. There must be an about the author section which in essence is about you as well as a way of contacting you. And finally the site also has to have “magnet” content, which is one of the buzzwords used to describe content that keeps bringing people back to your site. Magnet content serves two purposes. It is not only contained within the site, but it can also be used to be sent out via article submission tools, newsletters and ebooks to keep your audience’s focus on your URL and not your competitor’s. It is called magnet content because like a magnet it draws customers to your site. It is up to you as an imaginative and knowledgeable publisher to decide exactly what content it is that will keep your visitors coming back again and again. It could be new and fresh imagination or it could be solid step-by-step advice that is helpful. Either way, magnet content is a crucial part of good white hat SEO as it is not deceptive to either readers or to search engine spiders.

The Many Uses Of The Versatile Magnet

Magnets are available in various sizes and serve various purposes ranging from home to industrial uses. As magnets can stick to steel and iron, they are also used for promotional purposes. Aside from their use in radio and television sets, magnets are also used in bulk loading and assembly line productions in the industrial world. Industrial magnets provide solutions to complex mechanized activities and come in all shapes and sizes – round, bars, rods, U-shaped, rings etc. Magnets in the industrial sector range from pulleys and separators to magnetic sweepers, fabrication and welding devices. All these can be custom-built to suit the needs of any particular industry. Bulk purchases are always advantageous and cost beneficial than individual purchases. Owing to the varied sizes in which they are available, magnets are increasingly being used for advertising purposes. Advertising magnets are usually custom-made. The name and logo of the company along with the services and products offered form the main theme of advertising magnets. Depending on your budget the magnets can be put up on billboards or distributed among prospective clients. Business cards are another common way to promote your services or products. Since paper business cards often get lost or are forgotten about, business card magnets help keep that company’s service or product fresh in people’s minds, as they are very visible on the refrigerators or on other magnetic surfaces and never get lost. Business, promotional or advertising magnets should be made attractive and colorful so that they stand out from the crowd. With their increasing popularity, people are bound to receive a lot of promotional magnets that all get stuck onto the same board. You would definitely want yours to stick out and attract all the attention. All kinds of custom magnets can be ordered online at the various websites that offer such services. Magnets can be used in a lot of ways at home such as for school projects. Refrigerators and iron cabinets are often adorned with magnetic stickers or small motifs. Refrigerator magnets can be bought from your local departmental store or from home-décor stores. Magnets with Disney or cartoon characters are popular with the kids. The ideal refrigerator magnets could be fruits and vegetables or cocktail magnetic stickers, which can also be made at home. Homemade refrigerator magnets are easy to make, requiring only a piece of cardboard, your favorite photo or design, glue and a small piece of magnet. Custom magnets can be a family photo, your favorite stars or the year’s fixture of your favorite baseball team.